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This site developed first as an internal resource for Highland Hospital and Alameda Health System departments to have a quick and handy reference for all things buprenorphine. It has since expanded to an internal reference for medications we can use for all substance use disorders.

If you have found our information from a Google search, great! We're happy you're here and that you care about these issues. We hope this information is a useful starting place for you to inform your own practice.

Information here is for reference only. 

Other great information can be found at

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Highland Bridge Clinic Hours

Open Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm

Walk-ins welcome.

Call or text: 510-545-2765 to connect with a SUN


Location: 1411 E. 31st Street, 1st Floor, Wing OA1

Services include:

- Buprenorphine for OUD, other medications for addiction treatment

Highland Bridge Clinic Services

Services provided:

  • Buprenorphine and other medications for addictions / substance use disorders (opioids/heroin, meth/cocaine, pills, nicotine, alcohol, other)

  • Groups (relapse prevention, relationships, drug/alcohol education, wellness, etc.)

  • Classes (parenting, anger management, etc.)

  • Case management

  • Insurance support

  • Connection to other community resources

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