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Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) For Opioid Use Disorder


Assessing The Patient Who Wants Buprenorphine

Determine if they are better suited for Rapid Start of Self-Directed Start

Universal algorithm - doesn’t matter what they are using - methadone, fentanyl, black tar... whatever!


Buprenorphine Rapid Start Guide

Standard ED Start - they are kicking in front of you


Buprenorphine Home Start Guide

To be used for patients who are not actively withdrawing in the ED (recent opioid use)


Bup Bullets - additional options for complex ED bup starts

Unique considerations for patients using fentanyl or who have had complex buprenorphine transitions in the past


Starting Buprenorphine after an Opioid Overdose

You can start Buprenorphine (Bup) Immediately after a suspected opioid overdose has been reversed with naloxone.


Inpatient Buprenorphine Guide

Information on buprenorphine for admitted patients


Emergency Department Extended-Release Buprenorphine Start Guide

Info on starting long-acting injectable buprenorphine in the emergency department

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